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STGC Under 16 All Island Basketball Champion


In what was an astonishing game, the Knights pull of an unbelievable win in the last 90 seconds of the game. The first half was really of a poor quality with both teams guilty of silly decisions, many turnovers and poor shooting. By the middle of the game the Knights were trailing by a few points as Old Harbour took a lead. We seemed to be out of rhythm, tense and tired. In the third quarter, Old Harbour really looked the stronger of the sides as they produced a period of good runs. At one stage, they had a lead of 6 point. Coming up to the last quarter, the Georgians, though not at their best, stgcbasketballfreethrow2014clawed back to level the score at 50-50. The game was very close and with three minutes to go, the score was 54-52 in favor of the St. Catherine side. With the clock ticking down the Georgians launched a series of attack that seemed to send Old Harbour into a panic. They committed 3 crucial fouls which allowed the Knights to have a 58-57 lead with 3 seconds to go. At this stage, Old Harbour crumbled committing yet another offensive foul. STGC’s man-of-the-match Malik Jakson scored one of his two shoots to give the Knights a remarkable 59-57 win.

Lloyd AMDG