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World Cup Brazil 2014 Preview

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014 is the 20th World Cup. Football or what is modernly called Soccer in North America, football was invented by the English and perfected by the Brazilians. How fitting is it that our generation has the opportunity to witness the greatest show on earth in the nation of Brazil, and to go along with that all the teams participating in this year’s event, are all the top teams from all over the world. Please feel free to visit our pages for coverage of all the games, World Cup predictions and an Insights into each country’s participating includes the team news, history and background of each nation.  Our team of analyst will be providing in depth detailed information on how football is played in each country that is  involved.

Argentina No Tevez and Pastore?

Its very interesting to see what Argentina is going to do in this World Cup, as they have left a high impact player in Carlos Tevez. Carlos has been a winner at  all the clubs he has played for, Manchester City and United, and most recently scoring 19 goals to lead Juventus to the Serie A title in the 2013-2014 season. Tevez was left out of the Argentina National Team in place of Rodrigo Palacios, Gonzalo Higuain. These players do not have the same killer instinct like Carlito, that is whats needed in a tournament of this nature. As for Javier Pastore, the midfield in not so much of a worry, and he wasn’t in good form. They have the likes of Javier Mascherano and Lucas Biglia, in that area they should be fine.