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Baseball began in England in the mid-18th century as a simple game of bat and ball. It was brought to North America by immigrants and became a new and very popular sport. It is also the national sport of the United States.
There are two teams, nine players on each, and they take turns batting and fielding. Batting is done by the offensive team and fielding is played by the defensive team.
Players on the batting team take turns hitting the ball and once they hit the ball, they must run counterclockwise towards the bases of the field until they reach home plate again. They score when they return to home plate before the ball is returned.

The batting team only gets three chances to hit the ball. After that, the teams switch positions. The fielding team is in charge of throwing the ball to the batter and making sure the ball reaches a certain base before the batting team player does.
When both teams have had a turn at bat, an inning is completed. For baseball, there are a total of nine innings and there is no time limit for this sport. The team that scores the most runs wins.
Jamaica would do well in a sport like baseball with our talents and another sport for opportunity.