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Shot Put

Shot put is an athletics event in which the athlete will “place” (but more like throw) a shot, a heavy metal ball, as far as they can without leaving the 7 foot wide circle. To win this, the athlete must shoot the farthest among their competitors.

This sport is known to have started with the ancient Greeks, but the first recorded event was in the Scottish Highlands during the first century. In the Middle Ages, the competitions of soldiers throwing cannonballs were known. Over time shot put competitions were included in major events such as the British Amateur Championships and in 1896 the men’s shot put became an official event of the Olympic Games. Eventually women’s shot put competitions were also included beginning in 1948.

How to perform the shot put may sound very simple, but winning it requires a great deal of balance, coordination, power, and momentum. The shot must be held with the base of the fingers, not the palm, and the hand must be bent back. The blow should be placed on the neck and the palm should face in the direction of the throw.

shot put competitor shot put competitor
During the throw or put as it is called, there are different styles that you can use to get maximum distance. The slide style involves turning 180 degrees towards the direction of the throw and there is the spin style where the thrower faces back, then turns in the direction of the throw but gives the upper body a hard twist to get the ball. highest possible launch impulse.

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