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Track Cycling

The Track Cycling category on is dedicated to providing the latest news, results, and analysis of track cycling events and competitions from around the world. From the Olympic Games to World Championships and other prestigious events, we cover it all. Stay up-to-date on the top riders, teams, and races in track cycling and get insider insights on training, technique, and tactics. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to explore the sport, this category is your ultimate resource for all things track cycling.

Track cycling is a sport in the discipline of bicycle racing, which takes place on velodromes or other specially designed tracks that feature a steep incline. Athletes use specially designed bicycles that have no brakes, with a single gear front and rear.

Track cycling races are broadly classified into two different formats which are:

Sprint – Sprint races are shorter, usually 8-10 laps, where the focus is on speed. There are four types of sprint races: sprint, team sprint, keirin, and track time trial.
Endurance: Endurance races are longer, usually 12-16 laps, and focus on athletes’ endurance. The different types of drag racing are: individual pursuit, team pursuit, scratch race, points race, madison and omnium.
All of these racing events have races for individuals and teams. For all events, the rider or team that crosses the finish line first is declared the winner.

Track cycling is part of the Olympic Games, and around ten different track racing events are held for both men and women. The UCI Track Cycling World Championships, held annually, is another major event for the sport, featuring races from 19 different events, for both men and women.