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Netball is a team ball sport derived from basketball, developed in England in 1890. It is played by two teams of seven players each, who aim to score goals by throwing the ball through a high hoop located at each end of the court. .

The object of the game is to score more than the opposing team. The seven payers are assigned positions. There are only two positions for attacking shot, two positions for defense, and the rest is restricted to two-thirds of the court. Goals are scored when a player positioned as an attacker shoots the ball through the goal ring. The goal posts are located in the shooting circle, which is at both ends of the pitch. Teams defend one shooting circle and attack the other circle.

There are other variations of netball, indoor netball, fast 5, beach netball, walking netball, mixed netball, and netball for the disabled, including netball for the deaf and wheelchair netball. Both women and men can play netball. But as of 2006, INFA only recognizes women’s netball.