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Jamaica Men’s Netball League Hoping To Raise $500,000

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The league is in its third staging and it is scheduled to start on February 25

Shawn Murdock, the chief organizer of the Jamaica Elite Men’s Netball competition, has said that they are hoping to raise $500,000. He said that they need that amount to stage the tournament. The much-anticipated tournament is expected to start in less than three weeks.
The elite league will be composed of some of Jamaica’s best men’s netball players. The league is regarded as the best men’s netball competition in the Island. The tournament will be composed of defending champion Jaguars and three other teams. The other teams include Vikings, Knights and Spartans. The league is in its third staging and it is scheduled to start on February 25.
Murdock revealed that they have sending many letters to potential sponsors. He revealed that they have spent a mobilization cost that has been coming from their pockets. He added that they are hoping that the funding will arrive before the league starts.
He encouraged investors to place their money in this competition because it has been profitable in the past. He revealed that the 2023 edition delivered a sold-out attendances. He also confirmed that the tournament garnered good coverage for the media. This tournament was sponsored by the Government of Jamaica.
Murdock emphasized the importance of the competition in creating a platform to develop players. These players normally end up in the Jamaica Suns men’s netball team.
Murdock said that they are planning to make the 2024 edition more entertaining than the last tournament.
Murdock said that the players are excited about this year’s tournament because it will open big opportunities. He revealed that there are many men’s netball leagues that are being launched across the globe. There are many Jamaican players that have already played in a Test series that was held in the United Kingdom. Murdock is also the assistant coach of the Caribbean nation’s Sunshine Girls team.
There is a likelihood that the Jamaican players will return on another tour in England.

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