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Horsemanship, which can also be called horsemanship, can be referred to as the skill of riding a horse. Horse riding can be for recreational purposes and competitive sports.

In the early 20th century, equestrian events were introduced at the Olympic Games. Some of these events are still seen today. These events are: dressage, show jumping and eventing.

Some equestrian events that are not in the Olympics are the combined driving, endurance, reins, and jumping. These events are from the World Equestrian Games which are organized by the FEI. They are organized every four years. The governing body for horse riding is the International Federation of Equestrian Sports.

There are many other types of equestrian sports. Some equestrian competitions are, in the saddle: Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Steeplechase, American Quarter Horse, Arabian Horses, Akhal Teke, Appaloosas, American Painted Horses, Endurance Riding, and Riding and Tying. There are also harness races that take place throughout Europe, New Zealand and Australia.