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Shooting Sports

Shooting as a sport demonstrates the accuracy, control and speed of the shooter in aiming at targets using weapons such as pistols and rifles. Shooting sports began more than 500 years ago in European countries. It became popular in the US during the 1950s when a national association for the sport was created. Now, this sport is well known and enjoyed all over the world.

There are different categories depending on the weapons used and the format of the competitions. There are three main weapons that are widely used in competition: rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Rifles are long-barreled, rifled, shoulder-mounted firearms. They are usually long and require holding with both hands. Popular shooting games using this type of weapon are four position small bore, gallery rifle shooting, bench shooting, high powered rifle shooting (also known as Across the Course), biathlon (combination of shooting and cross country skiing). ), large caliber target shooting (firing ranges are 300-1200 meters), field target (most popular in the UK) and many more.

Pistols (or revolvers) are smaller weapons, used at shorter ranges, and have lower accuracy compared to rifles. Designed for one-handed use. Popular shooting games include the modern pentathlon, which is all about timed shooting with a BB gun. Then the silhouette shot. The goal is to hit all metal targets placed at different distances. It is scored on how many targets are hit.

Shotguns are firearms that are double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapons. They are very similar to rifles. Most often, they are for pump actions or single shot and reload actions. Cowboy shooting and practical shooting generally use shotgun. They are more popular in countries where firearms are prohibited.

Action shooting involves measuring the speed of how long it can take for a shooter to shoot one or more targets. Targets can be moving or stationary. Scoring can be based on the accuracy of hot or falling targets.