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Gymnastics is a dynamic and graceful sport that has been capturing the hearts of audiences for many years. At, we are proud to provide comprehensive coverage of this thrilling discipline and all the latest news, events and achievements of Jamaican gymnasts.

Gymnastics is a discipline that combines physical strength, flexibility, balance, and control to create stunning and often gravity-defying routines. Whether it be in artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, or trampoline, gymnastics requires a combination of physical talent, mental fortitude and a lot of hard work and training.

Jamaica has a long and proud history of gymnastics, with many talented gymnasts competing at both national and international levels. The sport has gained popularity in recent years, and the country now boasts many top-notch gymnastics clubs, training centers, and coaches, who are dedicated to fostering the development of new gymnasts and helping established gymnasts to reach new heights.

At, we bring you all the latest news and updates from the Jamaican gymnastics community. We provide in-depth coverage of local and international competitions, as well as profiles of some of the most promising young gymnasts, as well as established stars. Whether you are a gymnast yourself, a coach, or simply a fan of the sport, is the perfect destination for all your gymnastics needs.

So, whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest gymnastics news and events, or you’re simply interested in learning more about this exciting discipline, be sure to check out and discover the world of gymnastics in Jamaica.

Gymnastics is an event at the Olympic Games that involves physical strength, power, agility, flexibility, grace, control, coordination, and balance. The word gymnastics comes from the Greek word gymnons which means naked, but usually means to train and exercise.

Competitive artistic gymnastics is the most popular gymnastic event. Most gymnastics events involve women’s events such as uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercises, and vault. There are also events for men such as floor exercise, pommel horse, fixed rings, vault, parallel bars and the high bar.

Other types of gymnastics are rhythmic gymnastics, aesthetic group gymnastics, trampoline and somersaults, acrobatic gymnastics, and aerobic gymnastics. Some of the previous gymnastics events include: rope, rope climbing, and flying rings.