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Jamaican Gymnasts Hoping To Shine At IGA Tournament

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The team is still raw but it has enough talent to dominate in the tournament.

Panama is on the verge of hosting the 2023 COPA International Gymnastics Academy (IGA) tournament. Jamaica will be represented by an 11-member team. The team flew out today and they will be competing between October 5 and October 8.
Nicole Grant, the president of the Jamaica Gymnastics Association, said that he believes that the team will have a good tournament. He revealed that the players showed a positive team spirit during their last training session. He emphasized that it’s important that the players got to build some chemistry since they come from different schools.
The squad contains preparatory and primary school athletes. The gymansts includes Joelle Williams, Emma-Marie Donaldson, Selah Price, Lashay Chutcan, Adriannah Bailey and Marisol Hogarth. The others are Dojanae Garwood, Harmonie-Jade Johnson, Harmony Burton, Leah Cowan, Leah Cowan and Roshanique Ricketts.
Grant said that the squad will not put their full focus into winning medals. She said that developing the players is the most important thing at this point in their careers. This is despite the fact that the Jamaican team is full of elite talents. She expressed gratitude that team will get a chance to compete in a high-calibre event. She also thanked the parents for allowing the youngsters to travel to a different country.
Grant praised the young gymnasts for working hard on their craft. She confirmed that the gymnasts are ready to take over the ‘gymnastics world.’ She revealed that they were forced to shorten the list of possible participants because of financial limitations. The Jamaica Gymnastics Association chose 11 gymnasts from a possible list of 30. They received auditions from more than 300 gymnasts in the regional schools.
The team is still raw but it has enough talent to dominate in the tournament. Grant said that they will remain optimistic despite all the financial challenges that they are facing.

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