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Golf is a sport in which players use a club to hit a ball through a series of holes on a course, using the fewest number of strokes.

Golf does not require a standardized playing area. Traditional golf is played on a course that has an orderly progression of nine or eighteen holes. Holes must contain a tee to start and end with a putting green containing the hole. There may be hazards such as trees, sand bunkers, and water holes.

Golf is generally played with the fewest number of strokes by the golfer, which is known as stroke play. Golf can also be played using hole game rules, with scoring based on the lowest score on the most individual holes during an entire round.

Common scores for a shot are: -4 or condor, which means four shots under par; -3 or albatross, which means three strokes under par; -2 or eagle, which hits two shots below par; -1 or birdie, which means a shot under par; E or Par, which means equal to even; +1 or bogey, which means a hit over par; +2 or double boogey, which means two strokes over par; and +3 or triple boogey which means three shots over par.