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Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is a water sport in which anglers compete against each other to catch a variety of different target fish. The sport originated from recreational fishing.

The equipment used for the sport are rods, reels, lines, hooks and baits. Most of the competitions are held in deep water, so a fishing boat is required.

There are two main classifications of the sport based on the type of water: freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. The most popular saltwater fish are Marlin, Tuna, and Chinook. And the most popular freshwater fish are: bass, salmon, bass and catfish. Various sport fishing competitions are held based on the specific type of fish targeted, such as bass finisher tournaments or salmon fishing tournaments.

Sport fishing competitions can be played individually or in teams. In competitions, points are awarded for each fish caught. The points awarded for each catch vary according to the weight of the fish and its species. Some competitions also take into account the strength of the fishing line used to calculate scores, resulting in teams using thinner, weaker lines ending up with more points for an identical catch. The team that scores the most points is declared the winner.