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The “Boxing” category on provides in-depth coverage of the world of boxing, including news, analysis, and features on top fighters, major events, and notable moments in the sport’s history. Stay up to date with the latest fights and analysis, as well as profiles of the biggest stars in the sport, all on one convenient website. Whether you’re a fan of heavyweight boxing or enjoy watching the technical finesse of featherweight fighters, you’ll find everything you need to know about the sweet science in this category.

Boxing is a type of combat sport in which two players throw punches at each other. In the past, the main goal of boxing was to render the opponent unconscious. There are two forms of boxing: amateur and professional boxing.
Amateur boxing can be seen at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and at the college level. It has a scoring system that will measure the number of clean hits dealt by the boxer instead of physical damage. Boxers are required to wear head protection and gloves, and the gloves must have a white stripe or circle on the knuckles, this will make it easier for the judges to score.
Professional boxing matches are longer than amateur boxing. In professional boxing, boxers are not allowed to wear helmets. Boxers can take more damage before a fight is stopped. The referee can stop the fight at any time if he believes that the other boxer is no longer able to defend himself.