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Boxer Hoping To Represent Jamaica In The Olympics

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He also has the ambition of becoming a world champion

Jamaican boxer Tevoy Barrett has revealed that he is hoping to represent Jamaica in the upcoming Paris Olympic Games. He also has the ambition of becoming a world champion. He works under the tutelage of coach Duane Mitchell.
Mitchell, the head coach of Trinidad and Tobago’s Mitch Athletics gym, said that Barrett has the potential to be a great fighter. He believes that the 23-year-old boxer matches up well against the top fighters in his division.
Mitchell believes that Barrett’s biggest strength is his natural power. Mitchell is in a good position to measure Barret’s attributes because he has been coaching him for two years. He revealed that he is working on refining Barrett’s explosiveness, conditioning and reaction time. He believes that these improvements will transform his fighter into a well-rounded and formidable athlete.
On February 22, Barrett is expected to compete in the Jamaica national championships.
The middleweight fighter aims to secure a coveted spot at a tournament in Dominica, a crucial step in solidifying his position for the Olympic Games. He will reach 24 years old on February 20.
Mitchell said that he is eager for his protégé to participate in the championships. He believes that this is a vital opportunity for Barrett to showcase his God-given talent. He believes that victory will help Barrett to advance in the boxing scene.
Barrett boasts of a commendable record of 10-4. He will bring a lot of experience in the Olympic team because he is a former gold medalist in the Caribbean Championships.
With Barrett’s determination and Mitchell’s guidance, the duo is set to make a big splash in the boxing circles. The upcoming championships will provide a perfect platform for Barrett’s pursuit of glory.

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