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JFF President Plans To Announce Election Date Soon

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The JFF president will be competing for the presidential position against his deputy

Jamaica Football Federation president, Michael Ricketts, has revealed the federation will meet soon. The meeting is meant to determine when they will hold their next election.
The federation originally wanted to conduct the election on January 14. However, the election was postponed after a court injunction was filed by Beach Soccer Jamaica (BSJ). The barring the event until a claim of disenfranchisement could be heard by the court.
Ricketts said that the federation will announce a new date because the court has lifted the injunction. The JFF and the BSJ are expected to argue their case in court on April 23. He challenged Raymond Anderson put aside the ‘political shenanigans’ so that they can concentrate on the election. Anderson is Ricketts main competitor for the presidential position; he is also the current vice president of the JFF.
Ricketts believes that a quick election will be for the good of the sport. He believes that they have spent too much time in the election period. He wants the federation to redirect their energy towards the development of football.
Ricketts denied claims that his leadership has tolerated unconstitutional activities.
The JFF president believes that he will win the upcoming election with twice as many votes as Anderson. He dared his opponent to prove his worth in the polls. Ricketts claimed that he still has a lot to offer to Jamaican football. On the other hand, Anderson believes that the Ricketts-led federation has been on the wrong path. He previously said that he was unhappy that Ricketts mistreated the Reggae Girlz players despite them being World Cup heroes. He promised to offer more compassionate leadership.

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