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Trevor Thonson Wins Boxing Fight Via KO

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He wants to remain in fighting shape so that he can compete in another fight in 60 days

Trevor Thonson, an ex Jamaica amateur boxing champion, has knocked out Mexican Kevin Beltran Aguirre to begin his year with a bang. The lightweight boxer won the fight in the fifth round.
This win means that Thonson has a record of 10-0, which includes nine knockouts. The fight was hosted in the Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.
Trevor has Jamaican parentage but he was born in Canada. He wears Jamaican colors during his fights. He told journalists that he is aiming to get into the top 10 of the World Boxing Association. He is happy that his year has began with a win because he is hoping to secure a world title fight. Chann, his twin-brother, is also an aspiring world champion.
Trevor’s opponent came into the fight with a 5-1 record. He also came in with a reputation of being a very tough and talented fighter. In the beginning of the fight, Agguire matched Thonson punch for punch. He made Thonson work hard for his win. Thonson told journalists that he decided to fight behind his jab in order to slowly break down his opponent.
Trevor established his dominance as the fight progressed. He began mixing up his jabs with hooks to the head and body. He landed some devastating punches to the body but Aguirre refused to back off. The two fighters fought in close range until the fourth round. In the fifth round, Thonson started using double jabs and double hooks to the head and body. He put down his opponent with a hook to the body after two minutes of furious action.
Agguire continued with the fight after the referee delivered a mandatory eight-count. However, Thonson landed a clean overhand right that sent Agguire back to the floor. The referee was forced to end the fight after Aguirre went down in a heap. The fight ended at two minutes 33 seconds of the fifth round.
Thonson told journalists that he intends to take a few days off before getting back into training. He wants to remain in fighting shape so that he can compete in another fight in 60 days. He revealed that he intends to remain active so that he can have a breakout year.

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