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‘Big 12’ Plans To Fight Tougher Boxers In 2024

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Tyler Buxton, Brown’s promoter, is currently working on a fight that will be held in Jamaica

Ricardo ‘Big 12’ Brown, a Jamaican heavyweight boxer, has revealed that he is planning to fight tougher opponents in 2024. The hard-hitting boxer was speaking with confidence because he was unstoppable in 2023.

The Canada-based boxer fought five times in 2023. He boasts of an impressive record of 10-0. In 2023, he won all his fights within the first three rounds. He has won all of his fights via knockout. The fighter is managed by a Canadian company known as United Boxing Promotions.

Brown told journalists that he has gathered enough experience in the last few years and that’s why he needs a step-up in competition. He now feels that he is hoping an even better year.

Brown said that he will be watching a lot of heavyweight fights in the coming year. He also revealed that he will hire some experienced sparring partners. These sparring partners will help in ‘pushing him to his limits.’ He plans to remain active and in shape throughout the year. He hopes to remain ‘eveready’ in order to attract some potential big-name fighters to box him.

Brown said that he expects the harder training camps to improve his performances in the ring. He believes that training with experienced boxers will make him better. This is because iron sharpens iron.

The 6′ 7½″ tall Jamaican found himself in his toughest fight when he fought Hungarian Jozsef Darmos on December 2. Big 12 knocked down Darmos two times in the first round. However, Darmos fought back and hurt Brown with a powerful overhand right. Brown told journalists that Darmos is the hardest hitter he has fought so far. He said that he had to knockout Darmos in order to avoid being hit by the right hand again. Brown went on to win the fight within two minutes, 19 seconds.

The Jamaican revealed that his massive physique has played a major role in his wins. He said that most of his opponents are normally scared even before they’re stuck in the ring with him. He said that most of his opponents are normally shocked at how big he is in the weigh-ins. He revealed that he has learnt to take advantage of ‘the doubt in his opponent’s eyes.’

Brown revealed that his opponents normally don’t want anymore when punishment when he lands his punches. This isn’t surprising because he is normally stronger and more physically-imposing than all his opponents. Brown has fought some credible fighters who have fought champions in previous fights.

He also hopes that 2024 is the year he gets to do his first professional fight in his native land.

Tyler Buxton, Brown’s promoter, is currently working on a fight that will be held in Jamaica. Brown revealed that they are looking for sponsors who can organize a big show in Jamaica. Brown said that he can’t wait to fight in his mother land.

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