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Penn Relays Change Their Schedule

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Coaches have expressed their opinions on the changes

Penn Relays recently announced that they will be changing their schedule. Some of the local high-school coaches have expressed their opinions on this development.

The organizers made a slight adjustment to the event in 2023. However, they are hoping to reintroduce their original schedule in 2024.

The girls competed on Friday and Saturday while their male counterparts competed on Thursday and Friday. In 2025, the organizers want the girls to showcase their skills on Friday and Saturday. This meet has established itself as one of the best platforms for young talents to thrive. This is because the competition provides a solid foundations for future professional athletes. You will not find a more popular relay carnival for high-school athletes.

Neil Harrison, the Jamaica College Head coach, said that he finds no problem with the changes. However, he said that he would have preferred for all the heats to be done on Friday while the finals are finished off on Saturday. He also said that there was no need for girls and boys to compete on different days. His team will be competing in the America Boys’ 4×100 metres; they are the current defending champions.

Leaford Grant, the head coach of Kingston College, said that he will prepare his team to perform regardless of the changes in the schedule. He revealed that he coaches a very adaptable team that can fit in with the organizers’ plans. However, he said that his boys showcase their best performances when performing in front of big crowds. If they had a choice, they would choose to perform on Saturday because it’s the day that pulls the biggest crowds. KC are expected to defend their 4x400m championship in the coming year.

Dave Anderson, the head coach of Holmwood Technical, was happy that the tournament will have new changes. He was ecstatic that his female athletes will get a chance to compete on a Saturday. He is happy that they don’t have to perform on two consecutive days. Over the years, Holmwood Technical has won many titles and they are hoping maintain their dominance in 2024.

Keilando Goburn, the head coach of St Jago High girls, said that the schedule changes are irrelevant to his girls. However, he said that he had no problem with the out-going format because he had already become accustomed to it.

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