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ISSA Basketball Championships 2015 Semi-Finals & Finals

Victory Sweet Herbert Morrison Technical High Slide by Finals

With their third appearance in the ISSA Boys Under 16 and 19 All Island Championship, the impressive Herbert Morrison Technical High School has sealed the deal to the finals of the Jamaica High School Basketball to be played Friday January 30, 2015 at GC Foster in St. Catherine.
The fans in the packed stands stood silently, shoulder to shoulder at the Montego Bay Cricket club when Matthew Lee from Ardenne High stepped up the plate and pulled up a successful 19 ft 3point shot in the fourth quarter. They had now cut the score to a 1 point lead. Herbert Morrison Technical High School (Compre) had to call a time out to review a new play. The spectators were getting heated with only a few seconds on the clock. IMG_8686This was the semi-finals and it was either win or go home. “Compre” had now regained possession of the ball. Ralique Grant dribbled to the 2 point line and took a shot with only seconds on the clock. Coach Dave Black stood there nervously watching his player. The basket was successful and now they had a 3point lead. Ardenne High had no more timeouts which meant they had to work a miracle in getting back in the game. This was exciting as you could hear the crowd chanting “Compre! Compre! Compre!” Ardenne dribbled the ball to make a last attempt at going into overtime; however because of the strong defense of Herbert Morrison they were unable to do so. The referee blew the final whistle. The score ended (68-65) in favor of Herbert Morrison. It was a very close match and the Ralique Grant was crowned as the MVP with 24pts, 4rbs, 5stls and 3assists. Both teams showed sportsmanship by shaking hands. Everyone was excited that a team from the Western Region had earned their spot to yet another final. A collective groan rose up from the Ardenne supporters. Their team was defeated. Compre had won again.

Extra Extra Calabar Snatched Finals

Written/Photographs by Ashley AnguinCalabar 2015 Basketball Champions

With both their under 16 and under 19 team appearance in the finals, the dominating Calabar High School grabbed both championship trophies Friday January 30, 2015 at GC Foster in St. Catherine.
In the under 19 match versus Herbert Morrison, though they were not the most outstanding team playing, Calabar somehow managed to capture the trophy. The fans roared in the stands while both teams were battling vigorously for the championship at GC Foster. Herbert Morrison was in control of the entire match. They had the crowd going wild. They were the favourites of the game.
The fourth quarter was coming to an end and everyone had called the game in Compre’s favor. The score was 65-55 with three minutes till the final whistle. Calabar put on a show in the final minutes remaining. They outscored their opponents and finally took the lead. Javardo Simmonds kept his team going by driving to the basket and sinking each shot to help put them in the lead. They were coming from a 10point deficit. The score was now 65-66which had Calabar in the lead. “Compre” had to call a time out. The match resumed and they were in possession ofIMG_8691
the ball. Gregory Wallace dribbled down the court and was fouled while he made a layup. He was awarded 2 free throws and this was his chance to take the lead. As he took his free throws, the stands were extremely silent. He missed the first basket but was successful for the other. The score was now 66-66. The game was tied and Calabar had possession of the ball. This game was nerve wrecking. Everyone was unsure who would be crowned champions.
As Calabar dribbled down the court, they made a pass, when suddenly Ralique Grant from Herbert Morrison stole it. He quickly made a 3 point attempt which he missed and there was Brendon Dawkins from Calabar to get the defensive rebound. Brendon then passed the ball to his teammate where he made a layup while being fouled. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. While the Calabar player went to free throw line to take his two shots, the “Compre fans shouted loudly to distract him. With a boastful smile, he scored both baskets. The score was now 67-68. The room was electrifying with the supporters. With only 2 seconds left in the game, Dave Black, Herbert Morrison’s coach called a time out. This was their final chance to make a big move. As they inbounded the ball, it went out of bounce giving Calabar back the position. This had the crowd fired up. Calabar supporters were very loud as they inbounded the ball; Compre was forced to foul them. The player made both free throws which now gave them a 3 point lead.

The referee blew the final whistle. The score ended (67-70) in favor of Calabar. It was a very tense match and though they were not the winning team, Gregory Wallace was crowned as the MVP with 16pts, 24rbs, 5blks, and 4 assists. With tears and joy both teams showed sportsmanship with hugs and respect. This was a match no one would ever forget. These players showed a great deal of effort and for that it ended well.

STGC Under 16 All Island Basketball Champion


In what was an astonishing game, the Knights pull of an unbelievable win in the last 90 seconds of the game. The first half was really of a poor quality with both teams guilty of silly decisions, many turnovers and poor shooting. By the middle of the game the Knights were trailing by a few points as Old Harbour took a lead. We seemed to be out of rhythm, tense and tired. In the third quarter, Old Harbour really looked the stronger of the sides as they produced a period of good runs. At one stage, they had a lead of 6 point. Coming up to the last quarter, the Georgians, though not at their best, stgcbasketballfreethrow2014clawed back to level the score at 50-50. The game was very close and with three minutes to go, the score was 54-52 in favor of the St. Catherine side. With the clock ticking down the Georgians launched a series of attack that seemed to send Old Harbour into a panic. They committed 3 crucial fouls which allowed the Knights to have a 58-57 lead with 3 seconds to go. At this stage, Old Harbour crumbled committing yet another offensive foul. STGC’s man-of-the-match Malik Jakson scored one of his two shoots to give the Knights a remarkable 59-57 win.

Lloyd AMDG

ISSA 2014 All Island Basketball Under 16 Finals


STGC in U 16 ALL ISLAND Final Tomorrow…..St. George’s College beat Jamaica College in the semifinals of the All Island U 16 Basketball Final this afternoon Wednesday February 26th 2014, by 48-26.

We will play Old Harbour High tomorrow Thursday February 27th, 2014 at 3:30 pm in the Final. Recall in the previous round, we convincingly beat the Harbourites convincingly. We are therefore poised for a positive result as we have clearly shown our quality throughout the competition. Come out tomorrow and support the Knights!  Match time 3:30 pm at the National Stadium.