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JAAA Championships Results Boys Under 20 Discus Throw Finals 2022

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Jamaica National Championships Senior and Junior Results Boys Under 20 Discus Throw Finals 2022

Jamaica National Athletics Championships Session 3 Results

Jamaica National Championship Meet 
JAAA National Senior& Junior Championship - 23/6/2022 to 26/6/20
                        National Stadium                        
Event 18  Boys 19 & Under Discus Throw Under 20
 Sponsor: WISYNCO                                               
   WORLD U20: % 70.13m  24/5/2008   MYKYTA NESTERENKO, UKR      
 Nat. Junior: R 66.88m  31/3/2011   TRAVES SMIKLE               
  WORLD QUAL: M 56.50m                                          
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals 
1 Kobe Lawrence             18 Calabar High            62.67mM
      57.94m  FOUL  59.82m  60.91m  61.36m  62.67m              
2 Christopher Young         18 Edwin Allen High        58.47mM
      58.23m  56.98m  58.44m  56.71m  56.44m  58.47m            
3 Ricardo Hayles            17 Clarendon College       55.98m 
      48.46m  53.35m  FOUL  51.89m  55.98m  55.36m              
4 Racquil Broderick         17 Jamaica College         55.82m 
      FOUL  FOUL  55.82m  53.56m  FOUL  54.47m                  
5 Shaiquan Dunn             15 St Jago High (Boys)     54.62m 
      52.54m  FOUL  54.62m  53.58m  FOUL  52.89m                
6 Denz Simmonds             19 Calabar High            48.20m 
      FOUL  45.92m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  48.20m                    
7 Delano Lawrence           17 Calabar High            46.04m 
      44.92m  46.04m  FOUL  43.09m  FOUL  FOUL                  
8 Matthew Blake             17 Calabar High            44.27m 
      44.13m  44.16m  44.27m  42.17m  44.25m  43.85m            
9 Despiro Wray              15 Kingston College        42.16m 
      37.09m  FOUL  42.16m                                      
-- Gabriel Lim               19 Jamaica College        X48.40m 
      47.29m  FOUL  38.82m  48.40m  FOUL  FOUL                  
-- Antwon Walkin             16 Kingston College       X45.82m 
      43.36m  FOUL  FOUL  45.82m  42.38m  FOUL                  

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