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JFF Elections To Happen On Sunday

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The presidential election will be between challenger Raymond Anderson and incumbent Michael Ricketts

The Jamaican Football Federation is expected to hold elections on Sunday (March 17). The presidential election will be between challenger Raymond Anderson and incumbent Michael Ricketts. The election was previously postponed because of a court injunction.
Michael Ricketts is the current president of the JFF while Anderson is the vice-president. Ricketts began his reign in 2017. His controversial reign has received criticism from Anderson and other stakeholders.
The Jamaican Women’s team fell out with Ricketts in the latter parts of 2023. The players accused him of refusing to give them their bonuses. FIFA gave Ricketts these bonuses but unfortunately it didn’t reach the players. this is shocking especially considering that the players are regarded as national heroes in Jamaica. They also claimed that the JFF failed to provide them with proper training facilities. The players refused to play for the Reggae Girlz team until their issues are addressed.
Anderson has also accused Ricketts of mistreating the female footballers. He promised to address all their issues if he is elected as the president of the JFF. He has also claimed that Ricketts was planning to rig the election. Anderson’s campaign has a theme of ‘Real Solid Action.’
Anderson plans to rebrand the JFF. He hopes to focus on the women’s game, financial stability, youth development, infrastructure and stakeholder trust.
On the other hand, Ricketts believes that he is still popular enough to retain his presidential position.
Both candidates have supporters who will be competing for other positions in the federation.

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