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JFF Fires John Wall From His Role As U20 Reggae Boyz Coach

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The federation said that he will now work as an assistant in the senior Boyz team

The Jamaica Football Federation has sacked John Wall from his role as the U20 Reggae Boyz coach. The federation has said that he will now work as an assistant in the senior Boyz team.
The Swedish coach will now work under coach Heimir Hallgrimsson as the senior men’s national team prepares to compete in upcoming competitions. The federation revealed this information during a press release.
The Reggae Boyz are expected to compete in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, the Copa America championship, and the Nations League.
The announcement came as surprise for many fans who have been praising him for his impressive work in the U20 men’s team. He led the young team to many wins in the Concacaf qualifying round in St. Kitts. He also happens to be the manager of the FIFA talent development scheme in the island nation.
In July, the U20 team will be competing in the final round World Cup qualifiers/Concacaf championship. The JFF revealed that that the U2O coaching job will be taken by experienced coach Jerome Waite.
Waite said that he is pleased to get a coaching role in the national program. He is excited about the idea of leading the U20 squad into the qualifiers. He told journalists that he will be working towards winning all qualifier games. However, he knows that the task won’t be easy.
Many journalists have reported that there are rumours that john wall was released because of his close relationship with Craig Butler. Butler has been at loggerheads with the current leaders of the JFF. Butler has been claiming the JFF has been blocking his players from playing for the Reggae Boyz teams.
Jamaican fans have been on Butler’s side because he is known for developing famous players like Aston Villa’s Leon Bailey and Chelsea’s Dujuan Richards.

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