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New Cricket President Promises To Rebuild The Sport From The Under-13 Level

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He hopes to build a golden generation of Jamaican cricketers who will dominate on the world stage

The Jamaica Cricket Association is moving in a new direction after Dr. Donavan Bennett was elected as the president of the organization. He promised to focus on improving local cricket during the course of his term. He pledged a renewed dedication to the sport with athlete’s affairs taking a center stage. He was speaking following a landslide win over Wilford ‘Billy’ Heaven. The two candidates were competing in the association’s general elections. The contest was held at the Jamaica Conference Centre.
Bennett clinched victory with 67 votes compared to Heaven’s 30. The voters had to deal with an extended delay because of some issues with the voters’ roster.
With over forty years of steadfast dedication to cricket, Bennett immediately affirmed his commitment to nurturing youthful cricket players. He deems it pivotal in revitalizing the nation’s cricketing prowess. He hopes to build a golden generation of Jamaican cricketers who will dominate on the world stage.
Bennett plans to reconstruct the sport from from grassroots levels. He will begin with the under-13 and under-15 categories. The association will also fix the gaps that have been seen in the under-23 domain.
Bennett said that he was elected because his plan resonated with the voters. He believes that they want to see cricket built from a strong foundation. He emphasized that the voters want someone with adept understanding of youth cricket and how it should be administered.
On the other hand, fellow contender Heaven graciously accepted that Bernett had won the election in a fair manner. He extended congratulations to Bennett on his triumph. He expressed readiness to work with the new regime for the sake of improving cricket in Jamaica.
Heaven said that he was ready to share his ideas with Bernett.
In the meantime, the roles of vice president and second vice-president were clinched by Fritz Harris and Dr. Akshai Mansingh respectively. The role of secretary was assumed by Laurence Garriques, she will work together with Keith Wolford. The office of the treasurer and vice treasurer will be assumed by Kerry Scott and Michael Atterbury respectively.

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