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Sha’Carri Richardson Publicizes Her Scandalous Affair with Jamaican Athlete

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Richardson’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Identity Was Not Disclosed for Safety Purposes

Sha’Carri Richardson, Olympic sprinter, disclosed that she is still recovering from a recent break-up with a female Jamaican hurdler. The 22-year-old posted this on social media where she made it known that she had an affair with the abusive athlete. However, she did not reveal the athlete’s name.

She also wrote how her partner’s family were opposed to their same-sex relationship.

The post detailed how her partner never cared about her from when they met. She revealed that her former lover abused and stole from her. Her former flame didn’t care that she strived to protect her from her family’s wrath. Richardson further revealed that she is still recovering from homophobia.

Sha’Carri came out and made her sexuality public after winning in the U.S. Olympic trials last year. At that time, she thanked and gave credit to her then-girlfriend for picking her a bright orange wig that she wore on that day.

She later said on an interview with USA Today that the orange color made her feel loud, vibrant and dangerous while racing.

Richardson’s ex-girlfriend’s identity was not disclosed for safety purposes since Jamaicans are notorious for their hostility against homosexuals and LGBT people. There have been cases of beatings by mobs or imprisonment if found engaging in the act.

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