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Intercrosse is a modified version of non-contact lacrosse. The sport is also known as soft stick lacrosse, softcrosse, modcrosse, or pop lacrosse. The non-contact nature of the sport allows it to be used at a developmental level to transition players into lacrosse. The sport is popular in parts of Europe and Canada.

Intercrosse is played with equipment similar to lacrosse, but with minor variations in the sticks (with plastic heads) and the ball used (soft, large, and hollow).

The sport is played both indoors and outdoors, on a 40m x 20m field, with five players on each team. The poles used are the same size as for indoor box lacrosse. The number of players and the length of the game are all the same as in lacrosse.

Since the sport is non-contact in nature, different tournaments adopt different rules to facilitate the change of possession. Some examples are, players cannot hold the ball for more than five seconds, or set a minimum number of passes before shooting on goal.

Held as part of the annual World Games event, Intercross tournaments is the highest level international competition for the sport. The other great international tournament of this sport is the biennial World Cup disputed by several countries.