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Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowls or simply “bowls”, is a sport in which the object is to roll balls at an angle so that they come to rest near a smaller ball called a jack or kitty. The sport developed in England in the 13th century. Lawn bowling is usually played on a large field with manicured grass or synthetic surfaces, also known as a Bowling Green.

Bowling greens are divided into game lanes called lanes. For an individual game, one of the players flips a coin to see who wins the mat and then they start the competition.

Matches begin with the player laying down the mat and rolling the jack to the opposite end of the green, which then serves as the target. The bowling alley is then lined up in the center and the players alternately roll their bowls from the mat to the bowling alley.

The scoring method varies by competition. For a singles game, the winner is the player who reaches a specified number of shots, either 21 or 25 shots. For teams, the winner is whoever has the highest score after a certain number of finishes.