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Sprinter Forbes To Receive Medication After Undergoing Ultrasound Test

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Dr. Auden confirmed that an ultrasound test is the most reliable way to determine the severerity of the injury

Shashalee Forbes, who is a senior Jamaican sprinter, will be undergoing an ultrasound test to determine the extent of her injury. Forbes hurt her leg while competing at the Miramar Invitational meet. This competition happened in Florida.
Forbes, 27, was seen clutching her left hamstring while competing in the women’s 100m race. This happened when the athletes were competing in the heats section of the event. She was forced to stop in her tracks. She was clearly in pain because she could been seen soaking in tears. This is quite unfortunate for Forbes because she has been enjoying an excellent 2023 season.
According to Dr Paul Auden, Forbes will make a full recovery because the injury might not be as damaging as it appears. His confidence comes from the fact that the injury hasn’t hampered Forbes ability to walk. Auden is a reliable source because he has worked with Forbes since she was a student at Holmwood Technical high school.
Dr. Auden confirmed that an ultrasound test is the most reliable way to determine the severity of the injury. He believes that she might be suffering from cramps or a minor strain. He believes that Auden made a good decision by not continuing with the race.
Auden believes that Forbes will make a full recovery because her leg has no swelling. He believes that Forbes has the mentality required to battle against an injury of this nature. He said that Forbes has always been a resilient individual since she was a teenager. He believes that she will not be deterred by this setback. In fact, he believes that she will come back stronger when she returns from the injury.
Auden described Forbes as a “highly competitive” athlete who has dedicated herself towards improvement. He said that he was impressed by how she seamlessly transitioned from high school competitions. He said that Forbes consistently excelled although she wasn’t Jamaica’s top sprinter. He claimed that she was an individual who didn’t give up easily even when she faced stiff competition.
Forbes boasts of a personal best of 7.03 in the 60m and 22.71 in the 200m events. In 2023, she had a memorable year. She ran in a time that was below the 11-second barrier, recording a personal best 10.96 seconds.

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