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Supreme Ventures Foundation Teams Up With Reggae Boyz Players

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The players participated in a community initiative that involved restoration of murals and removal of garbage

The Supreme Ventures Foundation, renowned for its effective Supreme Heroes program, marked Labor Day by fostering community spirit and empowering past participants. Every member of the seven Supreme Heroes received a $100,000 grant to fund their community programmes.
The Reggae Boyz worked together with the Supreme Ventures members to bring joy to community members. There was a mural restoration and a LifeYard clean-up project that took place in downtown Kingston. Some of the participants in this project included Shaquan Davis, Richard King and Kaheim Dixon.
The project enhanced Kingston’s aesthetic appeal. It was effective in revitalizing the community and fostering a sense of community pride. This was mainly through restoration of murals and removal of garbage. Some of the other physical activities that the players were engaged in include clearing of debris.
Apart from cleaning up the environment, the Reggae Boyz also participated in painting murals. They also spent quality time with children from the Life Youth Programme and Empress Circle. The national team players participated in this programme in order to inspire young people and to showcase the importance of teamwork.
According to Chloleen Daley-Muschett, the Supreme Ventures Limited manager of public relations and corporate communications, “these types of initiatives will nurture community spirit and development.”
She went on to say that they are proud of the Supreme Heroes because they are bringing real change in the daily lives of people in the island. She added that “The participation of famous Reggae Boyz players like Kaheim Dixon would inspirer youngsters to dream big.”
She thanked the national team players for their commitment to the cause and their dedication to giving back.

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