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Access Sponsors Humble Lion With $1m Support

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They hope to impact the player’s families by supporting their business ventures

Humble Lion has secured a sponsorship deal of $1m from Access Financial Services. The popular microfinance entity comes in at a time when Humble Lion is climbing near the top spot of the Jamaica Premier League.
Both Harbour View and Humble Lion have 29 points. However, Harbour View is ahead with a superior goal difference. Harbour View is currently sitting in fourth position while Humble Lion is in fifth position. These two teams will meet in the at Stadium East when they clash on Monday.
According to Humble Lion coach Andrew Price, this financial support couldn’t have come at a better time. He said that it’s now possible to put all their attention on securing a “top four spot.”
The contract was signed at the Access Financial head office in a signing ceremony that happened in Kingston last Friday. Coach Price promised that his team will do everything in their power to be good brand ambassadors.
Owen Hill, the CEO of the Professional Football Jamaica Limited, has expressing appreciation towards Access. Owen Hill said that this sponsorship will have a national impact. He said that this deal will benefit the whole Jamaican league. Access has been known for building well-run franchises.
Access is will use it’s relationship with JPL to help players pursue business ventures. These partnerships are meant to support players across the league.
According to Hugh Campbell, the Access Financial acting CEO, they are motivated by the idea of bringing value in the lives of local players. They hope to impact the player’s families by supporting their business ventures.

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