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June 16, 2024

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Beryllium Announced as the New Sponsors of the Sunshine Girls

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Beryllium Encouraged Corporate Jamaica to Sponsor Jamaican National Teams

Jamaica’s national netball team has announced that Beryllium Limited is their new sponsor. The Sunshine Girls will receive a J$5 million cheque that will be used in their day-to-day activities.
The team currently sits in fourth position in the world rankings.

The Jamaican Sunshine Girls are currently preparing to participate in the Netball World Cup games that will be held in 2023. The games will happen in Cape Town, South Africa.
According to Beryllium officials, it was a “no-brainer” for the company to align itself with the reputable Sunshine Girls.

Tania Hall; the vice president of client relations, said that they share similar values with the Sunshine Girls. She said that they admire that the team has values such as hard work, dedication, high performance and discipline. She also praised the Sunshine Girls for always portraying Jamaica in a positive light when they compete in international events.

Hall said that she hopes that this financial support will help push the Sunshine Girls to the next level of success. She also encouraged corporate Jamaica to sponsor Jamaican national teams in order to boost their results.

Tricia Robinson, the President of Netball Jamaica, said that she was happy that the corporate world is opening up to the sports world. She is hopeful that the Sunshine Girls and Beryllium will create a fruitful and long-standing partnership.

In August, the national netball team will participate in the Commonwealth Games. These games will serve as preparations for the upcoming World Cup. The games will happen in Birmingham, England.

In September, the Sunshine Girls will also compete in Tour New Zealand. Eight teams will be competing for a spot in the upcoming World Cup when Jamaica hosts the Americas Qualifiers tournament in October, 2022.

The Jamaican national team doesn’t have to compete in this competition because the team’s fourth place ranking guarantees an automatic qualification. The team will participate in the Fast5 tournament this November.

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