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Campbell Says Football Will Help Save Jamaica’s Youth From Crime

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This is not the first time Campbell has called out for sports to be used as a tool to help steer the vulnerable away from crime

Masters and Celebrities founder, Clive ‘Busy’ Campbell, recently lamented about the crime rise especially gun violence among the youths in Jamaica. His organization, Masters and Celebrities, has been hosting football matches all over Jamaica.
As much as the situation now seems to be getting out of hand, this is not the first time Campbell has called out for sports to be used as a tool to help steer the vulnerable away from crime.
Quite recently, the Bell/Ziadie Memorial secured a couple of goals at the two-match annual Heroes’ Day football festival that went down at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex. St George’s College (STGC) Invitational had a slow start but managed to beat Christian Ambassadors 4-3 in the first match while the second match saw Masters and Celebrities thrash Entertainers Invitational 3-2.
The event also staged the honoring of former Boys Town goalkeeper and referee Clive ‘Blacka’ Dixon and old-timer coach Emerson ‘Diggy’ Henry for their contribution to the sport. In addition, the late Neville Lyn and Chris Ziadie were remembered and honored.
For the first time ever, the event was staged at the same time as the Boom El Classico , a new event being introduced by the Professional Football Jamaica Limited (PFJL). The El Classico staged a match between Waterhouse and Arnett Gardens in which the ‘Junglists’ secured a 3-2 victory on penalties after a 1-1 draw at full-time.
During the first match that afternoon, Damion English netted a rapid-fire hat-trick giving Christian Ambassadors an upper-hand in the game. However, shortly after half-time, STGC’s Mitchly Waul equalized the score also with his own hat-trick. STGC managed to win thanks to Raymond Thompson’s unexpected comeback.
Jermaine ‘Teddy’ Johnson netted Masters and Celebrities’ first goal in the early minutes of the second game. He maneuvered his way past a block of defenders before aiming straight into the net from an acute angle. The crowd cheered for Johnson who had also had many outstanding performances at this very stadium while playing for Tivoli Gardens in the Premier League.

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