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Coley Believes Magee Can Solve The Creativity Problem In The Reggae Boyz Midfield

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Magee is a creative midfielder who is known for striking dead balls, dribbling and vision. He is also known for scoring and creating goals

Miguel Coley, former assistant coach of the Reggae Boyz, believes that Tyreek Magee should be given a more prominent role in the national team. He requested Boyz head coach Heimir Hallgrimsson to include the midfielder in his starting lineups.

Coley believes that Magee can bring creativity into the Reggae Boyz midfield. This creativity will be useful in unlocking the full potential of the attackers. Coley is a knowledgeable coach who is currently serving as the head coach of Jamaica College. He recently earned a Pro License from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). He hopes that this prestigious license will help him earn a coaching job in one of Europe’s biggest leagues.

However, Coley believes that Magee has to prove his worth every time he gets an opportunity to play for the black, green and gold. He believes that it is only good performances that will make him a permanent fixture in the Jamaican squad. He will have to work hard so that he can grab the eye of Coach Heimir Hallgrimsson.

Coach Hallgrimsson gave him a chance to play in a recent game against Honduras. Coley believes that he should get more chances so that he can build momentum. Coley believes that he will show his quality when he starts building chemistry with his teammates.

However, Coley insisted that it is up to coach Hallgrimsson to decide whether to include Magee in his squad. Coley said that the coach might be trying to implement a system that doesn’t match with Magee’s playing style.

Magee is a creative midfielder who is known for striking dead balls, dribbling and vision. He is also known for scoring and creating goals. He burst onto the scene after impressing in Jamaican schoolboy football. Coley believes that the current Reggae Boyz midfielders aren’t creating enough goal-scoring opportunities for the attackers. The Reggae Boyz fans have also been calling for his inclusion into the squad. It isn’t surprising that he has established himself as a fan favorite because he is very entertaining to watch.

Coley believes that the 24-year-old can resurrect his career by playing for the senior Jamaican team. The midfielder has had two slow seasons for KAS Eupen; a club that is based in Belgium. In May, he moved to the United States to play for Colorado Spring Switchbacks FC. This team plays in the United Soccer League (USL).

Coley said that the Reggae Boyz have to show Magee some love so that he can find his old self. He insisted that Magee is “only lacking in confidence and not talent.”

He advised Magee to work as hard as Christiano Ronaldo does. He insisted that the midfielder has to have a strong mentality in order to fight for his position. He also challenged the midfielder to put in memorable performances for his club side.

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