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Donaldson is Pleased with the Overall Development of the Colorado Training Camp but Unsatisfied with the Girlz’s Level of Fitness

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The Coach’s Priority is to Get the Girlz Significantly Fitter in the Next Two Weeks

In spite of his unhappiness with the players’ unfitness, Lorne Donaldson, interim Reggae Girlz Head Coach thinks all things are in order as they proceed to put plans in place in an effort to compete for a second consecutive Fifa Women’s World Cup qualifying at the Concacaf Women’s Championship.

Donaldson concurred with the athletes’ performance thus far despite the fact that they are only 5 days away from a two-week pre-tournament camp to be held in Denver, Colorado. He added that the stage has been set to raise the bar in competitions in Mexico over the next 2 weeks.

The two players who haven’t joined the team yet are midfielder Chinyelu Asher and striker Trudi Carter, who are both still competing for their respective clubs in Sweden and Lithuania, respectively.

Donaldson thinks that the women are doing a terrific job; they are working hard and enjoying themselves. Now that the majority of the players are here, they just need two more to join them before they can move forward with real force.

However, it has been competitive thus far; the athletes’ reaction has been first-rate, and he is really happy with their advancement.

The one concern that he has is that some of our athletes are not as fit as they should be, and he hopes that by the time they leave they will be fit enough.

So, getting them significantly fitter is definitely a priority right now, along with improving their organization and transitioning skills. So there needs to be tightening up from top to bottom.

Vinimore “Vin” Blaine was recently replaced by Donaldson, who has experience coaching Real Colorado Under-20 women’s team. Blaine was forced to quit after losing the support of the majority of the players.

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