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June 18, 2024

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Elite League Yet to Secure a Sponsor

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This League is of Importance for Netball as a Sport in Jamaica

With Netball Jamaica’s first hosting of the Elite League being just around the corner, the organization came out saying that it has not yet found a sponsor to cater for the costs of holding the event. The organization has now reestablished its request to corporate Jamaica to help them raise at least $3 million.

The Elite League is Jamaica’s top netball tournament. Since 2019, the event has not been held because of not only the COVID-19 pandemic but also the resulting financial distress.

The first vice president of Netball Jamaica, Simon Forbes, told the media that their organization is scheduling to stage the Elite League next month. The league will have players from the current divisional leagues playing on the six Elite Leagues teams in the competition.

Forbes explained that the implementation of this league was of importance for netball as a sport in Jamaica to grow and to have similar leagues to those in New Zealand, Australia and England.

She emphasized that this league would help the local players who are part of the Sunshine Girls in their preparations for the Commonwealth Games to be held in July. Forbes is a former Sunshine Girls captain.

Forbes finished by saying that it has been really tough for her organization to source funding but they are trying their best so as to implement these plans.

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