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Gold Medal for Jamaica 4×400 Women’s Team in Belgrade

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Jamaica Gold in Belgrade 4x400m

Two More Medals for Jamaica in Belgrade

Jamaica won a total of three medals at this year’s World Indoor Athletics Championships in Belgrade. After Stephenie Ann-McPherson won a bronze medal in the 400m race on Saturday, the same girl and her colleagues won a gold medal in the 4x400m relay race, which closed this year’s championship.

In addition to McPherson, the team that won the gold medal also included: Roneisha McGregor, Junelle Bromfield and Janieve Russell. The girls celebrated with a score of 3:28.40. McPherson was defeated by Femka Bol in the individual race, but this time she was more successful.

The Dutch won second place with 3:28.57. European champion Justyna Swiety-Ersetic led Poland in winning the bronze medal with a time of 3:28.59. The United States, which has won a gold medal four times in the previous five championships, was left without a medal this time. Behind them were the United Kingdom and Belgium.

A few hours earlier, Jamaica won the second medal at the championship in Belgrade. Kimberly Williams won bronze in the triple jump. Williams reached the medal with the best result of the season 14.62 meters. She thus repeated the result she recorded at the indoor championships in Sopot in 2014. Four years ago, she won a silver medal in Birmingham.

When it comes to the mentioned discipline, the hero of the day was Yulimar Rojas, the world and Olympic champion who managed to break her world record in Belgrade. Rojas achieved that result in the last jump and the distance was 15.74 meters. The silver medal was won by Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk with a triple jump of 14.74m.

On the last day of the World Championships in Belgrade, Jamaica was able to win another medal, considering that Natoya Goule competed in the 800 m race. In the end, she took fourth place, achieving the result 2:01.18. In front of her was Halimah Nakaayi from Uganda who won a bronze medal. The silver medal was won by Freweyni Hailu from Ethiopia while the best was Ajee Wilson from the USA.

In addition to the mentioned Rojas, the world record was broken by probably the best competitor of all time in pole vault, Armand Duplantis. In Belgrade, he did again on Sunday what he had done two weeks earlier when he also broke the world record. The best result ever in this discipline is now 6.20. It was obvious that he would easily reach the first world title in the hall, he didn’t even jump all the heights, because he knew how much he could. The only question all the time was who would take the second, who the third place and whether Duplantis would write history again … In the end, he did that.

On the last day, the home crowd had the opportunity to watch their main candidate for the gold medal. Ivana Vuleta managed to achieve the same success in front of her audience that she did five years ago when Belgrade hosted the European Indoor Championships. Ivana reached the victory with the result of 7.06 meters.

Jamaica finished this championship with three medals won, which is a really nice success, although the number of medals won could have been higher. It was expected that one or two more medals would be won in the 60 m race in the same length hurdles race. Milliseconds decided that Briana Williams or Shericka Jackson would not win one of the medals. Danielle Williams had a disappointing performance but was one of the favorites for the gold medal. All the remaining competitors mostly achieved the expected results.

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