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It is uncertain whether Hubert Busby will continue to coach the Reggae Girlz after the grave news that he was involved in sex solicitation. Rumor has it that Busby made a sexual attempt on a former player of Vancouver Whitecaps while he was in charge of the team. The allegations came to light recently through different media houses. It is alleged that the coach had approached the player seeking to engage in sexual relations. Busby who has been the Reggae Girlz coach since last year has refused to take any call since the news was unearthed. The coach has totally denied committing this offense. However, it is said that the Jamaican coach has contacted his attorney concerning the issue. In the meantime, a Jamaican reporter talked to Michael Rockets, President of the Jamaica Football Federation. Michael said that the future of Busby in the program will be discussed in a meeting that will happen on Tuesday next week.

Busby is expected to sit in a formal meeting with the executive members at 9:00 AM on Tuesday morning so that they can decide the next cause of action towards the coach. He will be given a chance to explain the events that transpired between him and the player. Busby was offered an administrative job by Enoch at the Whitecaps when the offense happened.

During that time, Busby who worked as Whitecap’s coach asked the player to fly with him numerous times, took her to have meals at different restaurants, gave her Adidas gifts, asked her that they stay together in his hotel room and attend occasions with him. Enoch reported to the Guardian that the player had once spent three nights in her coach’s hotel room, but they did not engage in any sexual relations, nor did he make any sexual advances towards her.

In another interview, the player said that Busby insisted that they stay in his room as it was late in the night. The player gave in to his request after she saw that it was too late to drive back. Upon reaching his room, she found that the coach had not booked a room for her which resulted in spending the night in his room. In the room were two beds in which she lay in one. At one point during the night, the player said that Busby came over to her bed and stood over the top of her.

She went on to say that the coach lay on top of her on all his fours and clearly aroused. The player had to negotiate with him since he had started touching and kissing her with no shirt on. She did not consent of his behavior.The player believes that the coach used his position because he thought that he had something that the player wanted. She was scared and very uncomfortable. She thought that her dreams to become a soccer player would crumble down so fast after this escapade.

She never reported to the club about the matter since she was embarrassed and did not want to jeopardize any chance to play in the club.

It remains to be seen how this case will be unfold.

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