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Media outlets have woken up to news that Hubert Busby, Head Coach of the Jamaican celebrated team, Reggae Girlz has been suspended. This follows closely to the news that came out recently of him having solicited a player for sex. The Jamaican Football Federation executives are therefore looking to fill the interim coach position for the team. These allegations resurfaced on Thursday last week through the British Daily. The guardian focused on Enoch Malloree’s conscription in 2011 and 2010. It is said that the Jamaican Coach made unwanted sexual advances towards Malloree while he was working for the Vancouver Whitecaps program as the head coach.

On Tuesday this week, the JFF executives met to discuss the issue and deduce the future of the coach in regards to the team. They concluded that it would be appropriate if the coach was suspended from working with Reggae girlz.

Word has come out that the football governing body in Jamaica has written a request letter to FIFA asking that the investigation be conducted thoroughly in order to establish the validity of the accusation. This follows shortly after the executives decided to suspend Busby. The results of the investigation will then help the body to decide whether to retain or release Busby from the Reggae Girlz program.

In a press release, Micheal Ricketts said that they will not make any hasty decision before they get the results of the investigation from FIFA. However, he wasn’t reluctant to say that she would make sure that every girl and woman feels protected by those in authority. According to the Jamaican Observer, Busby was suspended and would not be paid for the time he will spend outside his duties as Head coach of Reggae Girlz. Dalton Wint, the General Secretary says that the position is open and is looking forward to filling it with an interim coach.

Busby was released of all duties related to being the Head coach of the Girlz program. The General Secretary went on to say that the technical committee and the chairman were in the know of how dire the situation is and are working on a tight timeline to fill in the gap.

Although Busby has denied the allegation, he has contacted his attorney and asked him to represent him. In a report by the Guardian, Enoch reached out to Busby in regards to an administrative opening at the Whitecaps. Enoch, later on, received an invitation from Busby to play for Whitecaps.

Eventually, the coach started asking her to attend meetings and fly across different countries with him. He also gave her expensive Adidas gifts and took her to expensive restaurants for meals. He also asked her to accompany him to his hotel room. She also said that at one point, she was with the coach for three nights but he did not show any sexual interests at the time. However, in another occasion, Busby was leaning towards her and was clearly aroused on top of her.

This is a serious case and we hope that the truth comes out and both parties receive a fair hearing.

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