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JAAA Championships Results Senior Women Discus Throw Finals 2022

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Jamaica National Championships Senior and Junior Results Senior Women Discus Throw Finals 2022

Jamaica National Athletics Championships Session 2 Results

Jamaica National Championship Meet 
JAAA National Senior& Junior Championship - 6/23/2022 to 6/26/2
                       National Stadium                        
Event 56  Women 20+ Discus Throw SENIOR
 Sponsor: IRIE FM                                              
WORLD RECORD: W 76.80m  7/9/1988    GABRIELE REINSCH, GDR      
NATIONAL REC: N 67.05m  5/22/2021   SHADAE LAWRENCE            
  WORLD QUAL: M 63.50m                                         
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
1 Samantha Hall             28 Throwers R Us           56.78m
      FOUL  48.40m  54.42m  55.29m  54.09m  56.78m             
2 Gabrielle Bailey          23 Kent State U            54.81m
      48.83m  54.81m  FOUL  FOUL  50.97m  FOUL                 
3 Shamella Donaldson        23 Uwi                     48.93m
      44.21m  45.95m  48.93m  45.89m  45.70m  46.85m           
4 Adrienne Adams            20 Uni. of Cen. Fl.        48.23m
      44.74m  47.60m  47.45m  47.12m  47.96m  48.23m           
5 Marie Forbes              20 Clemson University      47.90m
      42.02m  FOUL  46.65m  46.38m  47.90m  45.30m             
6 Fabrienne Foster          20 Unattached              46.42m
      46.42m  FOUL  43.04m  45.36m  43.77m  44.81m             
7 Ashanti Wright            20 Throwers R Us           40.35m
      40.35m  FOUL  38.46m  39.08m  FOUL  FOUL                 
8 Daneika Williamson        22 Unattached              35.01m
      32.19m  FOUL  FOUL  32.10m  33.64m  35.01m