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JAAA President High School Athletes Have Been Going Pro

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Gayle is concerned that skipping university education might result in an early burnout of these athletes

Garth Gayle, the president of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association, has expressed concern about high school track and field athletes going professional. Gayle wants these kids to go through university so that they can be knowledgeable.
Gayle is concerned that skipping university education might result in an early burnout of these athletes. This can lead to the Caribbean country performing poorly in international competitions. There are many examples of top prospects that have failed to outgrow their high school level.
This trend was common in developed countries but it was uncommon in countries like Jamaica. Gayle said that this is the new reality of basketball, track and field etc.
Gayle said that young athletes need to be nurtured and protected. Educating student athletes will help them make sound decisions in the future. However, he feels that the temptation of quick money might be too much for these youngsters.
Gayle fears that these youngsters might be exploited by their handlers because they aren’t mentally prepared to make smart business decisions. It’s therefore important to avoid pushing these youngsters into unpredictable situations.
The instant success might also kill the hunger to improve and this might cause laziness.
In 2022, twins Tia and Tina Clayton, signed for professional outfit MVP after shining in the ISSA/Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships. On the other hand, Kerrica Hill joined Elite Performance Track Club after competing at Champs for Hydel.
Gayle was quick to note that there are many young athletes that have succeeded after skipping college education. However, he insisted that a alack of education does more harm than good.

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