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Leon Bailey’s Accusations of Visa Blocking and Corruption Dismissed by the JFF

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The JFF pointed out that Bailey has not presented any evidence of his claims

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has dismissed claims by Reggae Boy Leon Bailey that the federation has not only been suppressing him since his childhood but also got in touch with an embassy to try and hinder his chances of acquiring a visa to travel abroad.
Bailey has played 18 matches in the Jamaican national team in which he has scored three times. He also plays for Aston Villa in the English Premier League. He publicized the astonishing claims during an interview that was held recently.
Bailey also tried to explain why he delayed on joining the Reggae Boyz during the interview.
The JFF gave a statement which started by acknowledging that they had gotten word of Bailey’s claims as his interview was all over social media. The federation stated that they did not want to discuss the matter in public as they hoped that they could handle it privately.
According to the statement, Bailey claimed that the JFF’s efforts to sabotage him were due to conflicts between him and Craig Butler, who various media sources revealed adopted the player and helped develop his career since when he was at the Phoenix Academy which was founded by Butler. In addition, Butler took him to Genk Academy in Europe where he managed to become a top player in the continent.
In the interview, Bailey also said that player Dujuan ‘Whisper’ Richards of Phoenix Academy and a Kingston College player is undergoing the same situation. Richards is set to accompany Butler to Genk when the football season ends.
The JFF has rubbished not only these claims but also accusations by Bailey that certain players are not picked for the national team for playing for some clubs. It pointed out that Bailey has not presented any evidence of his claims.
Meanwhile, the JFF disclosed that the matter is being handled by the coach and team manager and that they are anticipating Bailey’s evidence on his allegations.

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