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Mark Anthony Miller Wins Gold

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He is Now Focusing on Short Sprints

Jamaica College got 18 points when Mark Anthony Miller won the Class Two 100 and 200 meters at the 2022 ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championships. The youngster had quite the irrefutable vigor around him at home. 

Mark Miller, Anthony’s father, was not only enchanted with his execution but also trusts the younger Miller will use his talent to reach college. 

Mark Anthony chose to focus on the short sprints and ignore the opportunity to fight for the 400 meters title he received last year.

Gary Card of Wolmer’s Boys’ School was edged by the undefeated Jamaica College sprinter at the 100m last Wednesday on day 2 of the championships. They both clocked in at the same time: 10.76 seconds.

Mark Anthony had experienced a few muscle soreness for some weeks. Although it may have been stressful, it was nothing more than a passing inconvenience. His father was exceptionally strong as a father-coach by helping out and staying back where necessary.

He provided all the preventative drugs and anything that would help in Mark’s recuperation and avoidance of any injury. This moral support has helped Mark grow as an athlete and as a person.

He also claimed that Mark had learnt to distinguish between coach and parent which had made him way better over the years.

Anthony’s father is looking further into the future in spite of his son’s next enormous task being abroad. He told the media that his son was super energized about attending the Penn Relays.

He hopes that this sport would help his son get a good scholarship, a great college and if possible a master’s degree.

Jamaica College will go to the prestigious Penn Relays in Philadelphia with a chance to compete in the Championship of America 4x100m, 4x400m and 4x800m. The Blues brought down their own season-leading Lesson One 4x100m time from 40.24 seconds to 39.43 with Neil Harrison as their coach.

Having clocked the leading 2022 time of 3.09.96 in March, Jamaica College won the Champnioships 4x400m. The college also ran seven minutes 24.30 seconds in the 4x800m at the Gibson McCook Relays in February. That beats the Penn Relays’ record of 7.26.09 set by Calabar Tall School in 2018.

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