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Netball Jamaica Gets $12M Assistance to Host America’s Netball World Cup Qualifier

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This is Where the Qualifier Games Will Commence From Oct. 16

The Ministry of Culture, Entertainment, Sport, and Gender will provide $12M to Netball Jamaica. These funds will be used to host the Americas Netball World Cup Qualifiers in preparation for the Netball World Cup to be held in 2023.

During the Americas Netball World Cup Qualifiers launch, Minister Olivia Grange went on to say that the ministry and some of its entities are to provide $1.8.M to the team for the purposes of preparations;

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An amount of $2.5M has been allocated for transportation and costs incurred for renting the National Indoor Sports Centre.

This is where the qualifier games will commence from Oct. 16 2022. Grange also agreed to be the official patron in the event after accepting an invitation from Netball Jamaica for the position.

The qualifying will include ten teams battling for the two left spots in order for them to participate in the coming 2023 World Cup games. Jamaica has already qualified due to its fourth-place global ranking.

Grange added that she and all of Jamaica were so proud that Netball Jamaica will be hosting the Netball World Cup Qualifiers this year, as well as participating in the event too.

The 16th edition of the Netball World Cup will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in South Africa, making history as the first time the tournament has been staged on the African continent.

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South Africa has gained fame for hosting global events; therefore, everyone expects to have a wonderful experience.

Grange hopes that the qualifiers will undoubtedly contribute to reintroducing Netball Jamaica to the country. She went on to say that Netball and the Sunshine Girls have never ceased to make them proud.

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