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Jamaican stars Zachary Randle and Zaneta Alvaranga recently made it to the top at the Jamaica Inn Foundation Inauguration. The two led in the unnerving 3K Swim event held at the White River Beach. The event is aimed at helping raise funds to care for the White River Fish Sanctuary. The Sanctuary uses the funds to continue with its work of protecting, restoring and engaging with the marine surroundings.

Many of the people who attended the event were 80 of the aquatic life fans. Randle and Avaranga gave good performances and were awarded in accordance with their performance. Alvaranga became the first to finish in 52 mins and 47 sec and was dubbed the overall winner in the 15-19 female category. Asha Davis finished second and Aija-Marie Adams third with 56 min and 26 secs, 58 min and 23 sec respectively. The two belong to Alvaranga’s team, Kaizen Swim Club. Alvaranga who is 16 years old showed her prowess in her performance.

She said that even though the waves were somewhat challenging, she found it less difficult than she had expected. She feels extremely great for coming out as the winner. She went on to tell the journalists that she counts it a huge improvement being able to compete and pass the boys in the open swim. Oftentimes she would be behind which shows that she had really improved. Alvaranga has also participated under Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited.

She is certain that swimming in the Open Water will assist her in cultivating endurance while improving on her pool performances. She went on to say that the experience made her even stronger and fitter given that she swam while there were strong waves. She is scared of the ocean and that’s why swimming in it was actually a wonderful experience. She said that she was happy to be able to swim for a good cause, as well as for building pool endurance.

In addition, Randle emerged the top male sprint in the age group of 15-19 male performers. He completed the race swiftly in 44 mins and 22 secs. He is a member of the Y-Speedos Swim Club. He was closely followed by the Spanish court representative Thomas Issa, making it in 45min and 55 secs and in third place was Samuel-John Hines with 46 min and 11 secs. Randle found the ocean a bit easier to swim in compared to the James Bond Beach that had many strong waves. He also said that the long training that they had participated in before competing in the event also helped in boosting his confidence.

On the other hand, Leanna Wainwright emerged first in the 2k girl’s match. The West outfit representative finished in 31 mins and 5 secs. In the second and third place were Giani Francis and Christanya Shirley with 33 mins and 33 mins 33 secs respectively. In the 2K male match, Israel Allen topped with 29 mins and 32 secs. Followed by Benjamin Davis and Nathaniel Thomas with 31 mins and 32 secs, 31 mins and 23 secs respectively.

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