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Reggae Girlz Demand Removal of Coach Vin Blaine

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The Team has Sent an Official Letter to the JFF

The Reggae Girlz have sent an official letter to the Jamaican Football Federation. The girlz have made some serious requests including the removal of their current coach, Vin Blaine.

The letter exposes the incompetence of the Reggae Girlz’ interim coaching and technical staff. The letter represents a vote of no-confidence in their qualities heading to the final round of qualifying.

On the surface, the Reggae Girlz appear to be cruising. The team is attempting to make their second consecutive World Cup appearance after an historic first at the France 2019 tournament.

However, in the final round of qualifying, the so-called group of death awaits. The United States, the best team in the world and hosts Mexico, represent a daunting hurdle to make it to the showpiece tournament.

In their letter, the team insists they have the talent to make it from the group that also includes, Haiti, but they don’t believe they have the right coach.

The letter claims that Vin Blaine and his coaching staff has shown a lack of coaching acumen. Some of the issues include: problems with set pieces, lack of video analysis, no post-match reviews for player improvement and lack of details in training session.

The players also slammed the staff’s tactical preparation and the absence of specific preparation before matches.

This means that the players have had to play games without any game plan, being forced to solely rely on their talent.

The team also criticized the coaches’ lack of communication, and the lack of professionalism including the absence of daily schedules and absence of staff without explanation.

In his defence, Blaine told our news centre that forces in and outside the programme have been against his appointment.

He said he will review his position with the team.

But, it appears that the team, is done with him. The letter was signed by 20 players including budding global star, Khadija Shaw and the team’s captain Allyson Swaby.

Trudi Carter, Jody Brown, Syndney Schneider and Chantelle Swaby have also signed the letter.

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