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Reggae Girlz Lose 2-1 to Paraguay

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Lorne Donaldson was disappointed with the result but was pleased that his team created opportunities and he trusts that they will score more goals in the future

Last night, Jamaica faced Paraguay in their second and last international friendly at the National Stadium whereby they lost 2-1 to the visiting team. Despite this, the Reggae Girlz coach, Lorne Donaldson, revealed that he was pleased that the team is creating opportunities and he trusts that they will score more goals in the future. Jamaica’s first international friendly was on Thursday whereby they thrashed Montego Bay 1-0.
Be that as it may, Donaldson is urging other players to utilize the chances they get to work alongside outstanding captain Khadija Shaw to increase their scoring ability. However, Donaldson stated that he was not happy with the outcome of the match and he believes that the team will focus on doing better in the future.
Paraguay took the lead in the 18th minute thanks to Celsa Sandoval successfully getting past the Jamaican defence. Ramona Martinez then scored Paraguay’s second goal during the 35th minute. Shaw then scored Jamaica’s goal during the second half through a penalty caused by one Paraguay defender within the penalty area.
Most Jamaican players failed to convert their chances during the first half including Shaw, Chantelle Swaby, Spence, Drew Spence, Page Bailey-Gayle, Kayla McKoy and Siohban Wilson. The second half also saw Shaw, Spence and Cheyna Matthews waste more good chances.
Marcello Frigerio, Paraguay’s coach, commented that he always has confidence in his team and that he was certain they would win.

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