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Ricketts, Anderson Confident They Will Win March 17 JFF Election

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This new date has been announced after FIFA intervened into the matter

Michael Ricketts and Raymond Anderson are both confident that they will emerge victorious in the upcoming Jamaica Football Federation election. They are the two leading candidates for the position of president.
The JFF voting congress has decided that the election should happen on March 17. The federation was forced to come up with a new election date after the initial date was blocked by a supreme court injunction. The initial date was January 14.
This new date has been announced after FIFA intervened into the matter. The global governing body gave the federation the greenlight to continue with the election.
Both Ricketts and Anderson believe that they have done to convince their colleagues to vote for them. Ricketts is the current JFF president while Anderson is the vice president. Ricketts has been serving as the JFF president for the last seven years.
The two competitors have been going for each others necks during the campaign period. Ricketts has been accusing Anderson of using dirty tactics while Anderson has blamed Ricketts of mismanaging Jamaican football affairs. However, they have both expressed their frustration with how slow the election process is moving. They said that they are happy that a new election date has been decided.
Anderson’s team is made up of Jacqueline Cummings-Martin, Danny Beckford and Keith Wellington. Carole Beckford Dave Cameron will be the ordinary directors.
Ricketts’ slate is made up of Barry Watson, Raymond Grant, Elaine Walker-Brown and Gregory Daley. Bruce Gaynor and Rudolph Speid are hoping to make a comeback as ordinary directors.

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