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The Gibson McCook Relays: A Celebration of Jamaican Athletic Excellence

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History of Gibson McCook Relays 2023

The Gibson McCook Relays is an annual event in Jamaica that brings together athletes from across the country to compete in a variety of track and field events. This prestigious competition is widely regarded as one of the highlights of the Jamaican athletic calendar, attracting top athletes from high schools, colleges, and clubs. is proud to feature this event on our website, as we celebrate the rich history and continued success of Jamaican athletics.

The Gibson McCook Relays began in 1973 as a small competition between just two high schools in Kingston, Jamaica. Since then, the event has grown to become one of the most important competitions on the Jamaican athletics calendar, with athletes from across the country flocking to the National Stadium in Kingston to compete.

Over the years, the Gibson McCook Relays has been the stage for some of Jamaica’s most memorable athletic performances. The competition has seen some of Jamaica’s greatest athletes, including Usain Bolt, Veronica Campbell-Brown, and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, compete and win.

The Gibson McCook Relays is a showcase of the talent that exists in Jamaica’s schools and colleges. The competition is divided into several categories, including high school, college, and club events. The most popular events at the Gibson McCook Relays are the 4x100m, 4x400m, and 4x800m relays, which are always highly anticipated by spectators.

One of the unique aspects of the Gibson McCook Relays is that it is not just about winning. The competition is also an opportunity for young athletes to gain exposure and develop their skills in a highly competitive environment. Many of Jamaica’s current and former athletes got their start at the Gibson McCook Relays, and the event continues to provide a platform for the next generation of stars.

In recent years, the Gibson McCook Relays has continued to grow and evolve. The competition has introduced new events, including the shuttle hurdle relays and the mixed 4x400m relay, to keep the event fresh and exciting for fans and athletes alike. The Gibson McCook Relays has also expanded its reach, with more international athletes and teams competing in the event.

Despite its growth and success, the Gibson McCook Relays remains deeply rooted in Jamaica’s rich athletic culture. The competition is a celebration of Jamaica’s talent, dedication, and hard work, and it continues to inspire future generations of athletes. is proud to feature the Gibson McCook Relays on our website, as we celebrate the rich history and continued success of Jamaican athletics. We hope that our readers will continue to support and follow this iconic event, which has become an important part of Jamaica’s sporting heritage.

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