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World Athletics Council Outlaws Transgender Athletes From Competing In Women Tournaments

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This is big news for Jamaica because it is one of the countries that dominates in track and field events

World Athletics Council has announced that it will no longer allow transgender athletes to compete in women’s competitions. This new rules are expected to block athletes like South Africa’s Caster Semenya. This is big news for Jamaica because it is one of the countries that dominates in track and field events.
This announcement comes after similar rules were installed in swimming in 2022. This decision is expected to brew some controversy. This is a brave decision because many LGBTQ communities have been expressing outrage at decisions like this. These communities claim that transgender athletes are being mistreated by being removed in women’s competitions.
Semenya is the most high-profile athlete who will be affected by this new rule. She has been barred from some events since 2019 despite being a two-time 800 meters Olympic champion. Currently, this new rules are expected to affect at least 13 athletes.
Athletics president Sebastian Coe revealed that these transgender athletes will be forced to undergo a six-month programme of hormone-suppressing treatment. This programme will allow them to participate in competitions outside the restricted range of 400 metres to one mile.
In 2022, Semenya participated in at world championships where she finished 13th in her 5,000 meters qualifying heat. She has been working on competing in longer events.
Semenya is expected to enroll in the hormone-suppressing programme if she wants to participate in the 2024 Olympics. She underwent a similar programme in the past and she swore that she will never do it again. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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