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St. George’s College vs Jamaica College Manning Cup Finals Preview

St. George’s College vs Jamaica College Manning Cup Finals Preview

Battle Lines Drawn!!! ….2015 Manning Cup Finals….. St. George’s College vs Jamaica College

Come 5:00pm tomorrow, St. George’s College will battle Jamaica College for the most coveted prize of corporate area schoolboy football.

JC, the Champion is not going to give up the title without a fight. In the Flow Super Cup Final, they actually got the earlier chances and if it weren’t for poor shooting, they could have opened the scoring. They are expected to make some adjustments and come out fighting like a Champion.

So the Light Blues will have to put in an even better show tomorrow against the boys from Old Hope Road. You are as good as how you play on the day. The squad is very aware of this and coach Bell has stressed that we will need to play even better on Saturday. We have the capacity to do take the crown. The team is playing well and we have some very heavy artillery in our arsenal. Alex Marshall, probably the most lethal striker this season, will be marked for head to toe. He has been shown to be very elusive and continues to score some fabulous goals.

So, we pray that the Lord will again find favor with us in the battle tomorrow.

……AMDG, AMDG….. For the Greater Glory of God…..

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2015 Manning Cup Semi-Final STGC vs Jonathan Grant High

2015 Manning Cup Semi-Final STGC vs Jonathan Grant High

2015 Manning Cup Semi-Final: St. George’s College (4) vs Jonathan Grant High (1)

It will be St. George’s College vs Jamaica College Manning Cup Final next Saturday.
St. George’s College was never really challenged though Jonathan Grant High certainly was not disgraced. George’s would go ahead early after a penalty was given for what appeared to be a hand ball. Alex Marshall stepped up and scored. As the game went on, STGC took total control of the game, moving the ball around smoothly. Jonathan Grant had a heavily packed defense and it was hard to break down and penetrate.
Alex Marshall would steal the ball from a defender but was subsequently fouled in the penalty area. He scored a second penalty. We would score a third goal as a through ball to midfielder Akeem Williams saw his close range shot blocked by the goal keeper only to be placed in the back of net by Marshall again.

In the second half, STGC took their foot off the gas pedal. This allowed Jonathan Grant to launch a number of threatening attacks. They would be awarded a free kick just outside the penalty area. The subsequent well struck kick found the Georgian keeper pushing the ball away but in the path of an oncoming Jonathan Grant striker who scored.
This seemed to embarrass the Georgians a little. They started to go on the attack one again in the last 10 minutes and created a few very good chances. Dominic James would make a great down the right wing, beating the Jonathan Grant wing back and goalkeeper to make it 4-1 to the Georgians.

In the earlier game, Jamaica College controlled the tempo completely to beat Denham Town 4-2. Denham Town goals were defensive errors from the JC defense.
So it will be another Battle of the Blues next Saturday in the Manning Cup Final.
We pray that the Lord will find favor with the Light Blues once again.
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    STGC Celebrates Super Cup Victory

    St. George’s College convincing win in the Flow Super Cup

    The FLOW Super Cup Final last night was about the most thrilling and wonderful school boy football match seen and experienced so far this season. Naturally, I am delighted that STGC came out victors.
    I can only say that after the first goal JC lost steam and after the second they lost all wind. But surprisingly, with only 10 men they played the second half tremendously and with determination to break the duck. It was in vain for the STGC defense was also determined to thwart every effort they made.
    Too much cannot be said of our star forward line and Alex Marshall led it with gusto and skill, as the Gleaner described him,” ..swift through JC’s defense as a ghost through fog..”

    It was a packed stadium and Flow entertained with a fab show with a beautiful fireworks display. The crowd rose in tune with DJ Busy Signal who asked “..A yah so them fi pick the Reggae Boys from…”
    Our fab Principal led a contingency representing the school that in a few days begged and beseeched till they were able to collect $150,000 which was donated to cancer student, Jordan Foote. It was a heart warming episode on this stupendous occasion.

    Receiving the Cup was a fulfillment of the hardworking team support headed by Neville Bell who couldn’t hide the emotions of happiness and pride.
    A Fantabulous Victory for the School, and its supporters .Congratulations are in order, and lets not forget there are three more Trophies to collect.
    Tony Wong
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    St. George’s College win against Kingston College

    St. George’s College win against Kingston College

    St. George’s College (2) vs Kingston College (0)

    St. George’s College won an important game against Kingston College to book a semifinal place against Jonathan Grant.
    Kingston College came out with the hope of upsetting the apple cart and got a few glimpses at goal in the early part of the game. Cyle Elliott was fantastic in goal for the Light Blues and made some great stops to deny the Purples.
    Ace man Alex Marshall would score yet another fantastic goal from a strike outside the penalty area. He would later on get another glorious chance close to the goal mouth but shot wide. The referring left a lot to desire and some glaring fouls went unpunished.

    In the second half, STGC would get a number of great chances but just couldn’t convert. Messam was brought down inside the penalty area and scored from the penalty spot. With 20 minutes to goal, Paul Young Jr. showed poor judgement when he retaliated after being fouled by a KC striker. He will miss the Flow Super Cup Final this Saturday. Even with Shevon Stewart doubtful for this Saturday and with Young out, STGC still looks good for the game. The squad has talented players who will step up to the occasion.
    KC tried hard but the Light Blues were just better today and deserved the victory.
    Once again, the Lord found favor with us.

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    ISSA Manning Cup 2nd Round Standings

    ISSA Manning Cup Round 2 Standings

    Group H Manning Cup 2nd Round


    Group I Manning Cup 2nd Round


    Group J Manning Cup 2nd Round

    4Haile Selassie200228-60

    Group K Manning Cup 2nd Round


    STGC in Super Cup Action Versus Petersfield

    St. George’s College to play Petersfield in Flow Super Cup Action

    2015 Flow Super Cup …… St. George’s College vs Petersfield High

    STGC faces Petersfield High in a few hours’ time at Sabina Park.
    They expect a tough game as Petersfield has a reputation to be brutally physical. Coach Bell has been sensitizing the team from the beginning to expect all the tricks in the book. Bell tells them…’Move the ball round quickly and play smart. Keep the discipline and work as a team.

    We expect a good game and that the Light Blues will display the ball play that will bring the win.
    Come out in your numbers and cheer the boys this afternoon.
    Parking Available at Emmett Park .
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    STGC to play Wolmers in Walker Cup Finals 2015

    St. George’s College to play Wolmer’s High School in Walker Cup Finals 2015

    2015 Walker Cup Semi-Final …… St. George’s College (3) vs St. Jago (2)

    In what was probably the best corporate area schoolboy football match this season with St. George’s College coming out on top with a 3-2 win over St. Jago.
    Both teams played in contrasting styles; the Light blues moving the ball around and forward while St. Jago utilized strong running and the long ball. The game was high quality and full of non-stop action. STGC would strike first when Shevon Stewart, who had a wonderful game, score when he picked up a loose ball just outside the penalty and sent it to the back of the Jago goal. St. Jago would equalized shortly afterwards when their attacker broke on the left wing and score from close range.
    The game was rugged and both teams abandoned the’ gentle’ approach when the intensity rose to red hot. There were a number of yellow cards on both sides.

    In the second half, STGC took control of the game when from an Alex Marshall scored from a free kick on the edge of the St. Jago penalty area. Shevon Stewart would make it 3-1 when he collected an excellent pass from the mid-field, to beat the defense and place the ball beyond the reach of the Jago goalkeeper. However, St. Jago would cut the lead with another goal coming from the left flank.
    The last 20 minutes were tense with St. Jago really pushing hard for the equalizer. We defended resolutely with Akeem Prawl having a fine defensive game.
    So we will meet Wolmer’s in the Walker Cup Final.
    The Light Blues were impressive and St. Jago gave it all today in what was a pulsating game.
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    STGC Advance to Manning Cup Round 2

    STGC for Round 2 St. George’s College (4) vs Eltham (0)

    STGC was in no mood for an upset this afternoon and put in a businesslike first half performance to beat Eltham by 4-0.
    We dominated the game from the first whistle and within 10 minutes were up by 1-0 through a well-placed free kick from Gregory Messam Jr. It was a very physical game as Eltham came in hard and many times illegally to try to force the Georgians out of their dominating form. The referee didn’t help as she seemed indecisive and was prone to miss some very blatant fouls.
    Messam would score again from the penalty spot after Shevon Stewart was tripped in the penalty area. Alex Marshall and Shevon Stewart would score good goals in quick succession from well-developed plays.

    In the second half, the Georgians geared down and lost some of their intensity. Eltham though tried hard to get a consolation goal but good defending by the Georgians kept them from doing so.
    In the other game, Denham Town beat Innswood by a lone goal. This resulted in STGC topping the group on goal difference.
    So, the Light Blues need to improve in consistency and quality of play for them to really progress from this point. It will be an interesting next few weeks.

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    Denham Town upset ST.George’s College

    Denham Town upset ST.George’s College

    The Mother Of All Upsets….. STGC(1) vs Denham Town(2)
    It was a humiliating defeat for the Georgians before a large crowd and on home turf. It was our first lost on home soil since 2010.
    Things didn’t start too well for the Georgians as Denham Town came out full of fire and within 20 minutes were up 2-0. Our defense was not very convincing and was susceptible to errors particular when under sustained pressure. Denham Town scored their first goal from a well-placed lob shot from outside of the area. The second goal was an own goal when the STGC defender fail to clear leaving our goalkeeper with no chance.
    The main problem is our midfield which has not been effective. We are playing with 3 forward in a 5-2-3 formation. It is apparent that the coordination between the wing backs/ defense and the two dedicated midfielders is lacking. The result is we are not building the attacks through the midfield. Instead, we are being forced to play the ball long to our forwards who are swamped by the outnumbering Denham Town defenders.

    In the second half, Denham Town went into defensive mode. Hakim Williams pulled back a goal early in the second half. We tried to press but the West Kingston side was effective in shutting us down. The fact is that we didn’t create enough chances and the few that we got were kept out by good goalkeeping. Denham Town would net late in the half but it was erroneously ruled offside.
    So, it has a dramatic fall for a side that looked so promising early in the season. We need to rally around the Light Blues for our final away game against Eltham High on Monday.
    STGC, Innswood and Denham Town have 19 points at this point. Innswood has two games in hand against KTHS and Denham Town. Both STGC and Denham Town have one to play.
    Let rally around the Light Blue with a big turnout on Monday!!
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    ISSA Manning Cup Football 2015 Groups & Standings

    Jamaica High School Manning Cup Football

    Updated Groups Standings for the ISSA Flow Manning Cup football for high schools in Jamaica

    ISSA Manning Cup 2015 Group A

    5Tivoli Gardens5104514-93

    ISSA Manning Cup Group B 2015

    3Haile Selassie7412127513
    5Dunoon Technical8414711-410

    ISSA Manning Cup 2015 Group C


    ISSA Manning Cup Group D


    ISSA Manning Cup Group E

    5Kingston High6006131-300

    ISSA Manning Cup Group F

    5Spanish Town9216614-87

    ISSA Manning Cup Group G

    3Jose Marti6312116510